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The ‘Against the Clock’ Fanfiction Writing Challenge.


Cinderella had to leave the ball before Midnight, Johnny Depp had 90 minutes to complete a task in ‘Nick of Time’, Bruce Willis only had a small amount of time to save the world in ‘Armageddon’, there was an iconic episode of Angel where he and Buffy only had 24 hours together with him as a human, Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile has also been immortalised on celluloid. How many times have you been gripped by a scene with a ticking time-bomb or almost fallen off the edge of your seat when your team wins the game in last 30 seconds of play or touched by a holiday romance with a one week expiry?

All of these have something in common – they were racing against the clock.

We’re very pleased to bring you our new fanfiction writing challenge prompted by this theme. As always, this challenge is multi-fandom (which also means that cross-over fics are welcome) and is open to all manner of genres. Entries will be scored by a team of judges on a number of categories (technical writing, content, plot flow etc.), the story with the highest score wins. If the situation arises that two or more entries have the same number of points, the final winner will be decided by a public poll. For a full list of rules, entry information and important dates Click Here!

Do you post on fanfiction.net?

There have been reports heard about stories being deleted from fanfiction.net without warning for violations of the site’s terms of service. There are now five known groups, each one targeting, flaming and reporting fics on a daily basis from ‘hit lists’ compiled by their members:

The Literate Union
Critics United
Flamers for the Purification of ffnet
Reportable Offense! (Thank you RealJena for supplying this group name)

Please bear in mind that these are the KNOWN groups – there have been hints that other, more extreme groups are forming and meeting privately, without blogs and without forums, to remain under the radar so they can work in peace.

So – on to the main point of this post: If you post your stories on ffnet – protect yourself. Back up all your work by reposting on a blog or other archive (such as AO3 or similar), if you don’t have time to do that then make copies of all your stories and put them in a word document that you can email to yourself on a web-based system (Hotmail or gmail) so if any of your stories are deleted you have the back up in your inbox ready to post elsewhere.

There are petitions and movements asking ffnet to stop these groups from bullying/harassing members – in short, they won’t work. As long as these groups are flagging stories that actually violate the ToS then ffnet won’t lift a finger against them. Why? Because they’re free admins for the site, while these groups are doing all the hard work for them – the owners of ffnet will just sit back and smile in the knowledge that they don’t need to pay anyone else to uphold the rules that they, as owners of the site, have every right to enforce.

Why would someone spend their free time looking for stories that violate ToS and not get paid for it? Well, that’s something a lot of us will fail to understand. Just to clarify – this post is not about what constitutes a ToS violation OR about ‘If they just gave us back our MA rating it would be fine’ OR about how awful it is for these groups to bully people – this post is simply to point out that this is happening and that anyone who cares about their stories should take steps to ensure they don’t lose their work.


(If you move to a blog or other archive – you can be included in our Author Directory. This is a multi-fandom resource listing fanfiction authors and the alternative places they post their stories and other pennames they may use)